Is it possible to set circuit component values using SDK?

Hello team,

I'm working on using BioGears to simulate valvular defects in Cardiovascular system. Would like to know if there is a way to scale resistance values in a particular path from SDK instead of modifying the source code. For instance, I would like to create a patient file with a setting to scale AA3 to AA1 resistance(aortic resistance) by 10 times. Is it possible to do such modifications in the patient file or create a scenario file that can do such changes instead of modifying the paramater in BioGears circuit.cpp file ??

Also, would like to know how to create your own scenario file and pull it up in the toolkit. Quick response will be very much appreciated. Thank you!!


  • Hi Pavithra,

    As far as the toolkit is concerned, this link may be helpful if you haven't already seen it:

    You can follow the steps to create a custom scenario, but be sure to click File > Save to save the .xml where you want. Then you can open that same .xml with File > Open to load it in before execution.

    You can also edit the .xml directly if you know what you want to change (you can use some of the scenarios from the full source as examples for this).

    I just tested it out to make sure it still works, and I was able to create a scenario and save it, then load it in and execute and view the results. If you have any problems, reply here and I'll try to help out.
  • As far as modifying resistance values, that can only be done with modifications to the source code, as no SDK functions have access to the circuit. You could potentially add an Action to change that resistance, and initiate that Action through the SDK, but that would mean you still have to create and add the Action in the source code first.
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