Question about BioGears and immune response

Hi Biogears and all,

Thanks for providing us this fantastic tool.
I am thinking about how to use BioGears for quickly asserting if a peptide vaccine is dangerous or not. At least it could be interested to know if the injected peptide is eliminated quickly from the body (PD/PK scenario). But who knows it might provide more insights (is it poisonous, influence on physiological systems, on metabolism).
Indeed I am aware that BioGears is not designed for this kind of extensive scenario, but as far I know there are no public resources that makes it possible to evaluate the effects of a peptide on health, so even a rough result would be a significant progress for me.

Any thoughts?




  • abairdabaird Moderator
    Hi Jean-Pierre!

    You are right that BioGears isn't designed to be predictive for pharmaceutical development but some of our models could be leveraged to give you a "first pass" like you say. If you have some baseline data for your substance then our PK model can compute partition coefficients to give an idea of how the vaccine would be metabolized, to see a bit more detail check out our drug modeling methodology pages: To utilize this you do need some baseline physicochemical properties but once computed you could utilize the PD structure to give you some systemic responses depending on where the drug is metabolized.

    Let me know if this helps and I'd love to talk more about your specific applications if you'd like!


    Austin Baird
    BioGears PI
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