Engine initialization Duration

It seems engine initialization takes around 4 minutes (with a normal patient).
Is it possible to reduce it?


  • abrayabray Entry Level
    BioGears run-times do vary depending on computer. Can you please provide your computer specs?

    We currently initialize our engine by load patient specific data then executing for 150 seconds to stabilize the system, this should take less than a minute. At that point we then execute the scenario, which run-times will vary depending on it's complexity.

    We are currently working on a more dynamic stabilization algorithm that should stabilize the system faster, but we are currently limited to the run-time of each time step. We are currently executing 165 steps to simulate a single second for out patient. Over the next year we will be looking to improve the speed of our engine by both investigating optimizing our methodology, as well as reducing the number of time steps while maintaining desired accuracy.

  • I am running the samples on a core-i7 2600 CPU @ 3.4 GHz, with 16GB RAM.
    OS is Win 7/64

    Is it possible to save an image of the stabilized system and load the saved data it during initialization, instead of running the simulation?
    It is important for our needs that initialization will be less than a minute. More around 30 seconds.
  • abrayabray Entry Level
    Currently we cannot save out the state of the engine and load it into a fresh instance of the engine and continue from that load point.
    Improving our run time is a high priority for this year, we will be putting a large effort into this.
    We will add the 30 second time to our goals, but with your setup you should be seeing something along the lines of : The engine took ~16s to simulate 50s.
    When you run the GUI are you seeing this output?
  • When I run the GUI I do not get any response. When I use the samples - the result is as I described
  • Just picked up this thread from what is 3 years ago now. Has the run time been imporved significantly since 2015?
  • abairdabaird Moderator
    Hi Nigel,

    There should be a significant run-time improvement since 2015. If you need help integrating/updating to the latest version just let us know!

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